COVID-19 Policy

In accordance with the other retail provision of Indiana's stay-at-home order, we will be adding the following to the safety features we already have in place:

  • Our lobby will continue to be locked and closed to the public – we ask that you please continue to make reservations ahead of time and give us a call when you arrive so we can come get your pup out of your car.
  • We will be continuing to process credit card transactions over the phone – we’re happy to keep your card securely on file so you don’t have to worry about giving it to us every time, please just let us know if that’s something you’d like us to do!
  • We will also be disinfecting all collars and leashes upon entrance into the building, and all employees will wear masks when they come out to receive your dog. If you or your family know of a sensitivity to any disinfecting cleaners, please let us know and we can use a slip lead to bring your dog to and from your car instead.

We’re happy to continue to be here for all our families in need!


Starting April 21st, we will begin taking bath appointments and resume haircut appointments with Kylie starting on May 4th.