I’m the Lead Tech for the Big Room, which means I’m lucky enough to look after and play with some of our biggest, funniest, pups-all day, everyday! I’ve been working at Pooch at Play for a year now, and it’s easily, one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. It’s challenging, fast paced and FUN-it is so FUN. Everyday is different. Everyday you meet a new dog! I have two dogs of my own who I love very much, Blossom-a 7 year old black lab mix, and ZiggyPig-she is her own breed (have fun trying to guess what that might be if you ever meet her). I also have an Awesome husband and a crazy 7 year old, back at home. We enjoy being outside, doing a lot of camping, and visiting family on the weekends.
I have been at pooch since 2015. My two dogs are: Ellie the retriever mix & Atlas the Icelandic Sheepdog. I help run two non-profit organizations. In my free time I train my dogs, and compete with Atlas in a variety of sports. My favorite part of Pooch is being able to see dogs enjoy themselves and blossom as individuals.
I am the lead tech of the front and back areas of Pooch. So you will see my face when you check in your lovely pups. I’ve been here for over two years now and love it so much. My two dogs are: Wally a three year old shepherd and a one year old Wolfskie named Aleu. My favorite hobbies are hanging with my dogs and I cosplay which is dressing up as my favorite TV characters. My favorite part of working here is getting to see everyone grow and blossom as well as seeing new faces. 💗
I have no pets of my own currently. Which is why I took a photo with one of my favorite daycare dogs, Cinnamon. My hobbies include hiking, cycling, soccer, taking care of my nieces and nephews, and collecting bears. Fun fact about me I grew up in the circus town. My favorite part about working at Pooch at Play is obviously the dogs. They are so sweet and kind. I love them all so much. My second favorite thing is that I love being a part of a place like Pooch at Play. I think what we do here is amazing. Creating a fun and safe environment for dogs while their owners are away.