The process is easy – first sign up online. Once you’re all registered there, and have added your pooches, we need a copy of your vaccination records – you can email this to us, or your vet can email or fax the paperwork. Once we have your vaccines and check that all our required ones are up to date, please give us a call at 765-838-8033 or email us at topdog@mypoochatplay.com and we’ll get you and your pup set up as soon as possible!

For daycare, we do a Temperament Test before clearing the dogs for social playtime. Our temperament tests usually take about an hour or two, and you’ll leave your pup in our care once we’ve gone over all your paperwork. We give pet parents a call once we’ve done a thorough evaluation and will talk you through how things went and our recommendations for playtime from that point forward.

Any kind of aggressive behavior is considered a fail, and we also may sometimes give recommendations for further training, or a slower start to daycare if your dog is anxious or nervous about the other dogs when they attend their evaluation.