Our Team


I'm Holly! I've been here since we opened up in 2010. I am the Owner, I've loved dogs all my life, and prefer their company over people. My husband and I currently have 3 dogs that get to come to work with me everyday (Spencer, Beowulf, & Kramer) and a cat (Bitty), two goats (Frank & Bernie) and two chickens(Sharon & Melina) at home as well. Having the chance to spend my time with everyone else's fur children is the best, and I love getting to know each and every pup that comes through our doors!


Hello, I'm Kaitlyn! I've been here since April of 2019 and currently I am the manager alongside Shelby. Besides our 2 dogs, a schnorkie named Minnie and a pitbull named Ahsoka, my boyfriend and I have quite the zoo; 1 rabbit, 2 guinea pigs, and a bearded dragon. Who else gets to go to work everyday and see 20+ smiling faces? It's hard to have a bad day!


I'm Shelby, I started in mid 2020. I'm currently Manager and am in process of becoming a certified dog trainer. In my spare time I like to powerlift and hike. I don't have any dogs of my own so I give a lot of my love to the daycare dogs. I love XL breeds like danes and mastiffs, but will never pass up the chance to cuddle a tiny breed as well!


I started working at Pooch At Play September of 2015. My favorite part of the job is seeing the shy dogs blossom. In my free time I compete in many dog sports with my dog Atlas including dock diving.


My name is Malia and I'm a student at Purdue studying animal sciences and pre veterinary medicine. I have been around dogs my entire life and have been working at Pooch At Play since November 2020. In my free time I like to paint and relax or go to parks with my own pup.


I started working here February of 2021. My favorite part about the job is taking the dogs on their walks and getting to interact with them. In my free time I like to be in my hammock in nice weather with my pets.


Hello! I'm Anna, I started working here May of 2021. I have 2 dogs, one being 4 months and the other being 14 years old. I love and cherish dogs with all my heart. I love the constant new experiences I have with them!


Hello, I'm Lyric! I started working here in July of 2021 and I'm loving the opportunity to meet all of your lovely pets!  I have been around a ton of animals my entire life, as they are a passion to me. I have 2 dogs, Amara and Medusa, a ball python named Finnegan and a green keel bellied lizard named Dexter. It's a dream to be able to spend so much time doing what I love most, hanging out with dogs!

My name is Marissa, I started in November 2021. I am studying Elementary Education at Purdue University. I have a 10 month old Australian Shepherd puppy named Luka and he's my absolute world.
My name is Micayla, I have a cat named Pepper and a rabbit named Luke. I hope to adopt my own pup in the near future and I am in love with hounds of any sort (especially Bassets). Aside from working with dogs, I aspire to have my own farm in the future with all kinds of critters.
Hi my name is Sam, this is my family dog Roo. She's very sweet and we've had her since I was in the 4th grade. She is what inspired my love of animals, and now I have my very own bunny and cat.
Hello, I'm Liam! I started working here in September of 2021! I have grown up around dogs my entire life and worked at several different animal related jobs. I have 2 dogs, Maverick and Ruca, a bird named Tiki, and a cat named Sheba. Working with dogs is a passion of mine, and I feel blessed to be able to work with your amazing pups!
Hi, I'm Malorie! I'm a Junior at Purdue studying business communication, management, and pursuing a certificate in entrepreneurship. I have worked with pups at a doggy daycare before college and found myself really missing that environment which led me to Pooch at Play! I have loved animals ever since I can remember and have a dachshund who has been my ball of sunshine since I was 10. I hope to one day run a doggy daycare of my own!
Hi, I'm Samantha! I have been working here since May of 2020. I have 2 pups of my own, Sargent, a Min Pin and a Great Pyrenees named Buddy. I have been a dog lover since I was very young. I enjoy working and playing with all the dogs here at Pooch! One of my favorite parts of working here is seeing all the dogs' little personality quirks!
My name is Emily, I started in September 2021 and I love working at Pooch and being able to hang out with dogs all day! I have 2 dogs of my own Diesel and Piper.