We are all about making sure the dogs that stay with us get the same kind of top-notch care they receive at home.

What sets us apart:

  • Pooch at Play is your dog's home away from  home. We walk dogs every two hours in our privacy-fenced backyard. We also have someone come later in the evening to let all the dogs out one more time during the night as well.
  • Does your dog take medication? We will administer it free of charge! Since we aren't a huge boarding facility, your dog will have much more personal attention than at larger boarding kennels.
  • We offer an assortment of bedding options, or your dog can bring their own!
  • Most dogs are able to play in the daycare while they stay with us, so they are tired at the end of the day and don't even  notice they aren't at home.
  • Bring your dog's food from home or we can feed them ours for $2.50 per meal.

We are all about specialized care.

We take meticulous notes on the dog's behavior and needs and make sure we give them whatever they need to help them feel more at ease.


Boarding Rates

Small Suite

$ 33.50 per night

Large Suite

$ 37 per night

Freedom Boarding

(6+ hours)
$ 17.50 per dog/day


(6 hours)
$ 11.50 per dog/day

Ask us about our multiple dog family discounts!