Doggie Daycare

Do you work all day and have to leave your furry friend at home? Or maybe you have a puppy that has a little more energy than you? Or perhaps you just want to bring your pup in for some fun socialization with other dogs! If so, Pooch At Play’s doggie daycare might be the solution for you!

We have three separate play areas (large, small, & tiny) along with a huge fenced in backyard for potty breaks and outdoor play.

Every dog in the building is walked every two hours, and the day is filled with tons of fun with others of your pet’s play style and temperament.


Large Room

Small room

Small Room

Tiny room

Tiny Room

Big yard


Take a "Test Drive"

How about a trial run?  We'll work with you to pick a day when you can drop your dog off, check on her later in the day, and then get a report from the Pooch At Play staff at the end of the day.   This will take the “guesswork” out of whether your dog will fit in with the routine and adapt to the facilities and the other happy dogs.

You'll be thrilled at how fast your dog makes new friends and falls in love with our staff!

Doggie Daycare Rates

Full Day

6+ hours
$ 27.50

Half Day

6 hours or less
$ 19

Please ask about our Purdue, Government, and Armed Services discounts!

Reservations are required for doggie daycare Tuesdays, and Thursday - Saturday

How to sign up!

For enrollment we need the following from you:

  1. Our enrollment form and contracts filled out, which can be filled out online.
  2. Vaccination records for three vaccines: rabies, distemper, and bordetella

Once we have your paperwork, we’ll schedule you for a temperament test, where we have you drop off your dog for about  2 hours and do a slow introduction into the rest of the group to see how they do. We may also include a kennel test.

What to Expect from Doggie Daycare

Although you know your dog is about to have a wonderful time, he doesn’t have any idea what to expect. He will get his cues from you on whether he should be anxious, excited, happy, or sad. The calmer you are, the better he’ll feel. The less time you spend saying good-bye, the more time your dog will have to adapt to his new surroundings and start having fun!

When you get home:
It’s been a very exciting day! Your dog has probably been too excited to eat, sleep, or drink much – maybe even too busy to go potty! Water is available to the dogs 24 hours a day, food is given during naptime (if requested), and all the dogs are walked every two hours.

Do not overfeed your dog or let him drink lots of water when he gets home. He may vomit if he eats or drinks too much too soon. Feed him his normal meal and he will be back on his usual schedule again in no time.

With all the physical activity he’s gone through, it might be a shock to your dog’s system. Just like people, when dogs start a new exercise routine, their whole body changes. You can expect your dog to potentially have exercise induced diarrhea, or be too tired to eat or drink after his first day. This is perfectly normal, and it means your dog is getting the exercise he needs to be healthy and happy! He’ll adjust to his new routine quickly, depending on how often he visits.

Common Daycare Concerns:
When dogs play, sometimes they play hard! Dirt, damp necks, and scratches of all kinds are to be expected. All dogs pass a temperament test before they’re allowed to play in our rooms, but sometimes (just like people) there are dogs that just don’t get along. Sometimes dogs may get startled and react accordingly when their “fight or flight” response kicks in. We
do everything we can to prevent your dog from getting injured – and we’ll notify you if any injuries do occur. Prevention is our first and foremost rule to ensure your dog has a safe and enjoyable time during his stay.

Sore feet are another common problem, especially to dogs who may have little outdoor exposure on a regular basis.

They’ve gone from grass and carpet to running and jumping on a concrete surface. Watch for blisters – treat with an antiseptic spray to prevent infection, if needed. Your dog will eventually build up tougher paw pads and this problem should solve itself.

Group Play & Exposure:
Just like a daycare for children, dogs will be exposed to many new things during their stay. New smells, new play styles, new breeds, young, old, big, & small dogs. Your pet will be exposed to new viruses, new bacteria, new surfaces, and new toys. Our floors, toys, and water buckets are disinfected daily and every precaution is taken to ensure your dog’s safety.

The viruses and bacteria your dog may be exposed to are generally airborne and the risk of exposure is no greater than at a dog park, vet’s office, pet store, or local park.

Kennel Cough:
Kennel cough is a very common illness that may occur when a dog is new to daycare or boards in a kennel. Even though your dog got the bordetella vaccine before being accepted, there are several different types of this virus and the vaccine doesn’t cover all of them. It’s usually transmitted through the air or through contact with other dogs, just like the common cold in people.

Most cases of kennel cough will clear up on their own in about a week or two, but if it lingers longer, your vet will have a treatment that will clear up any residual sickness, and your dog will be back to playing in no time!