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Merle the Aussie

an aussie

Merle is the sweetest boy all dressed up for a Purdue game!

Douglas the Mini Aussie

He is the sweetest old man. He loves to play with the other dogs, and spend time getting love from the employees.

Percy the Mini Schnauzer

July, 2018 Pup of the Month Winner! He started coming to day care as a very young puppy. He comes at least once every week. He is mini schnauzer, about a year old. Loves to play with all his tiny dog friends.

Lana the Retriever Mix

She started coming at the end of last year. She was very very nervous when she started coming. She didn’t want to walk down the hallway because she was so nervous. It took her a couple days to be confident enough to play in the room. Once she was in the room, we watched her […]

Toby the Mixed Beauty

Toby started coming in 2012. He plays in the tiny dog room, or the small dog room when he is more playful. He also uses our grooming services frequently.

Bentley the GoldenDoodle

He has been coming to daycare since 2016. He also started coming as a puppy. He LOVES to play fetch, and he screams when walks in out of excitement.

Axel the Boxer

He has been coming to day care for 4 years, since he was a young puppy. He LOVES the employees and getting attention, and the employees love him just as much. He is referred to as “the wiggle” because he gets so excited to come to daycare his whole body wiggles