One on One’s

We are now offering One-on-One sessions during the day for your dog with one of our Pet Care Technicians! 

Benefits include:

  • Mental stimulation
  • Physical exercise – with one-on-one time your pup will be able to zoom and sprint across the yard. This is something we do have to limit in a group due to safety, but no worries when doing One-on-One time!
  • Practice with basic manners! Sits, not jumping, etc.
  • More time to bond with our staff! Creating those relationships with staff increases their likeliness to respond to their recall and improves trust and comfortability in the daycare rooms with that attendant!

Included with the One-on-One session:

  • Treats! (If okayed by the dog’s owner)
  • A picture of your pup during the session is sent right to your phone!
  • Play, cuddles, and undivided attention!


  • 10 minutes, 1 picture  –             $10.00 
  • 15 minutes, 2 pictures –            $12.50
  • 20 minutes, 2 pictures –            $15.00

These will be available to any daycare and/or boarding pups! 

Just let us know you are interested when you drop off!